IAS 34 para 16A (b), seasonality, agriculture

Adecoagro S.A. – Half year report – 30 June 2022

Industry: agriculture

29. Basis of preparation and presentation (extract)

Seasonality of operations

The Group’s business activities are inherently seasonal. The Group generally harvest and sell its grains (corn, soybean, rice and sunflower) between February and August, with the exception of wheat, which is harvested from December to January. Peanut is harvested from April to May, and sales are executed with higher intensity during the third quarter of the year. Cotton is a unique in that while it is typically harvested from June to August, it requires processing which takes about two to three months to complete. Sales in our Dairy business segment tend to be more stable. However, milk production is generally higher during the fourth quarter, when the weather is more suitable for production. Although our Sugar, Ethanol and Electricity cluster is currently operating under a “non-stop” or “continuous” harvest and without stopping during traditional off-season, the rest of the sector in Brazil is still primarily operating with large off-season periods from December/January to March/April. The result of large offseason periods is fluctuations in our sugar and ethanol sales and in our inventories, usually peaking in December to take advantage of higher prices during the traditional off-season period (i.e., January through April). As a result of the above factors, there may be significant variations in our financial results from one quarter to another. In addition, our quarterly results may vary as a result of the effects of fluctuations in commodities prices, production yields and costs on the determination of initial recognition and changes in fair value of biological assets and agricultural produce.