UK strategic report, CA 2006 s414C para 8(c), diversity disclosures

Barratt Developments PLC – Annual report – 30 June 2018

Industry: real estate

Strategic Report (extract)



We are committed to delivering our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and we have an active working party in this area. We have identified broad targets in areas such as gender and ethnicity and our aim is to improve our diversity and inclusion in all areas over the next three years. We recognise that flexible working can help us retain talented employees and can be particularly beneficial for those with caring responsibilities and our divisional offices now operate a more flexible approach to working.

The diversity policy relating to the appointment of PLC Directors is set out on page 77.

In March 2018, we published our Gender Pay Gap report. The report identifies that as a Group, our mean pay gap stands at 1.3% and our median pay gap at 1.6%, which is low compared to the gender pay gap across the UK of 17.4%. Our mean bonus gap stands at 39.7% with our median bonus gap at -6.2%. Our negative median bonus gap exists because our sales team, which has a high proportion of female employees, have pay structures which include a significant bonus percentage.

The figures in our report reflect that we have a higher proportion of men working in our business, in particular men in more senior roles. The charts show the number of men and women employed, as at 30 June 2018, across our business. Also shown is the split between men and women on the Executive Committee in line with the requirements of the Hampton-Alexander review.

We are committed to improving the male/female ratio across our business through our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Over the past year, we have made important changes to our family friendly policies to better support our colleagues, and have seen returners from maternity leave increase to 83.6% in FY18 compared to 73.5% in FY17.

All of our divisional management teams have attended Diversity and Inclusion training workshops, with further training being rolled out to all employees this year. We will be launching a new career development programme for female employees in FY19, including a mentoring scheme and will be introducing a working mothers recruitment campaign.

We will continue to work hard to close our gender pay gap and ensure that we build a diverse, inclusive and attractive working environment for all our employees.