IAS 19 para 147(a) (b), description of deficit funding schedule with quantification and expected contributions in next year

Mothercare plc – Annual report – 24 March 2018

Industry: retail

  1. Retirement benefit schemes (extract)

The estimated amount of cash contributions expected to be paid to the schemes during the 53 weeks ending 30 March 2019 is £9.8 million.

The Company is committed to paying into each scheme for future years, these amounts are outlined on the below Schedule of Contributions:


The schemes are funded by the Company. Funding of the schemes is based on a separate actuarial valuation for funding purposes for which the assumptions may differ from the assumptions above. Funding requirements are formally set out in the Statement of Funding Principles, Schedule of Contributions and Recovery Plan agreed between the trustees and the Company.

The weighted average duration of the defined benefit obligation at 24 March 2018 is approximately 22 years (2017: 23.5 years).