UK Directors’ report, employment of disabled persons and employee involvement, SI 2008/410 Sch 7

Mitchells & Butlers plc – Annual report – 30 September 2017

Industry: leisure

Directors’ report (extract)

Employment policies

The Group employed an average of 45,891 people in FY 2017 (FY 2016 44,475). Through its diversity policy, the Company seeks to ensure that every employee, without exception, is treated equally and fairly and that all employees are aware of their responsibilities.

Our policies and procedures fully support our disabled colleagues.

We take active measures to do so via:

  • a robust reasonable adjustment policy;
  • disability-specific online resources (accessible via the Group’s online recruitment system); and
  • processes to ensure colleagues are fully supported.

The Group is responsive to the needs of its employees. As such, should any employee of the Group become disabled during their time with us, we will actively retrain that employee and make reasonable adjustments to their environment where possible, in order to keep the employee with the Group.

Employee engagement

Mitchells & Butlers engages with its employees continuously and in a number of ways to suit their different working patterns. This includes:

  • line manager briefings;
  • communications forums and roadshows held by functions or brands across the Company;
  • a dedicated intranet for the Retail Support Team;
  • ‘Mable’, the M&B online learning system;
  • email news alerts;
  • focus groups;
  • weekly bulletins – specifically targeted at retail house managers and mobile workers;
  • employee social media groups; and
  • a monthly magazine poster, Frontline News, for the retail estate.

Details of the financial and economic factors affecting the performance of the Company are shared with all employees at the appropriate time using the methods listed above.

We provide opportunities for employees to give their feedback to the Company in a number of ways, from team or shift meetings in restaurants and pubs and engagement surveys for all employees to the Mitchells & Butlers annual Business Forum. Business Forum representatives collect questions from employees across the Company and put them to members of the Executive Committee. The questions and answers are published in Frontline News and online.

Since Mable was launched in July 2017, the STAR programme, a universal training needs analysis and learning resource for all retail roles, has now been used by over 8,800 new team members as an integral part of the businesses induction process. STAR is supported by coaching material that has been produced for every technical task associated with a job in hospitality, the visual training library enables our teams to access up to date and relevant information from any hand held or desk top device, and a progress report enables every member of the organisation to understand the skills and progress of our people. The introduction of Mable, the business’s social learning platform, has enabled the business to direct key training messages contained within STAR quickly and efficiently to the front line.

Mitchells & Butlers operates the Challenge 21 policy in all our businesses across England and Wales (and a Challenge 25 policy in our Scottish businesses). The policy requires that any guest attempting to buy alcohol who appears under the age of 21, must provide an acceptable form of proof of age ID to confirm that they are over 18, before they can be served. This policy forms part of our regular training for our employees on their responsibilities for serving alcohol.

Mitchells & Butlers is keen to encourage greater employee involvement in the Group’s performance through share ownership. It operates two HMRC approved all-employee plans, which are the 2013 Sharesave Plan and the Share Incentive Plan (which includes Partnership shares). The Company also operates two other plans on a selective basis, which are the 2013 Performance Restricted Share Plan and the 2013 Short Term Deferred Incentive Plan. Further details on the plans are set out in the Report on Directors’ remuneration.

During the year, the Company has remained within its headroom limits for the issue of new shares for share plans as set out in the rules of the above plans. The Company uses an employee benefit trust to acquire shares in the market when appropriate to satisfy share awards in order to manage headroom under the plan rules. No shares in the Company were purchased by the employee benefit trust during FY 2017.

Corporate social responsibility (extract)

Diversity (extract)

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all of our employees. Our employee Diversity Policy ensures that every employee, without exception, is treated equally and fairly and that all employees are aware of their responsibilities.

The policy confirms that there will be no direct or indirect discrimination in respect of age, disability, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, marital status, political belief and nationality, or any other category defined by law in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion, and opportunities for training, pay and benefits.