Supplier income, rebates, sales support, accounting policy

Travis Perkins plc – Annual report – 31 December 2021

Industry: distribution

13. Supplier income

Accounting policy

Supplier income comprises fixed price discounts, volume rebates and customer sales support.

Fixed price discounts and volume rebates received and receivable in respect of goods which have been sold are initially deducted from the cost of inventory and therefore reduce cost of sales in the income statement when the goods are sold. Where goods on which the fixed price discount or volume rebate has been earned remain in inventory at the year end, the cost of that inventory reflects those discounts and rebates.

The Group receives customer sales support payments that are made entirely at the supplier’s option, that are requested by the Group when a specific product is about to be sold to a specific customer and for which payment is only received after the sale has been completed.

All customer sales support receipts received and receivable are deducted from cost of sales when the sale to the third party has been completed, i.e. when the customer sales support payment has been earned.

Supplier income receivable is netted off against trade payables when there is a legally binding arrangement in place and it is management’s intention to do so, otherwise amounts are included in other receivables in the balance sheet.

Other supplier income relates to customer sales support received in respect of sales of specific products to specific customers which is included in the income statement when the relevant sale occurs, i.e. when all conditions for it to be earned have been met. Supplier income balances included within the Group balance sheet are as follows: