Audit committee report, reference to UK FRC review of financial statements and FRC disclaimer

Dunelm Group plc – Annual report – 1 July 2017

Industry: retail

Audit and Risk Committee Report (extract)

FRC review of FY16 financial statements

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) reviewed the Group’s 2016 annual report and financial statements as part of its routine monitoring activity. The FRC found no material error in compliance with relevant reporting requirements and did not require any corrections. They did however alert us to the fact that the Company had committed a technical breach of the Companies Act in respect of the payment of the final dividend in November 2015. The breach has been remediated and the Committee noted that management have taken steps to ensure that such a breach could not happen again.

The FRC has requested that we advise shareholders that their review provides no assurance that the annual report and financial statements are correct in all material respects, as its purpose is not to verify the information provided but to consider compliance with reporting requirements. As such, the FRC and its officers, employees and agents accept no liability for any reliance on its review by third parties, including but not limited to shareholders and investors.