IAS 24, para 17, disclosure of key management personnel compensation

Amcor Limited – Annual report – 30 June 2016

Industry: manufacturing

Directors’ Report (extract)

Remuneration Report (extract)

Key Management Personnel

For the purpose of this report, Key Management Personnel (KMP) are members of the leadership team who have the authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the consolidated entity of Amcor either directly or indirectly. They include all Directors of the Board (executive and non-executive).


Notes to the Financial Statements (extract)

Section 5: Employee remuneration (extract)

5.3 Key Management Personnel

Key Management Personnel compensation

Key Management Personnel (KMP) compensation is set out below. Detailed remuneration disclosures are provided in the audited remuneration report section in the Directors’ report.


Individual Directors’ and Executives’ compensation disclosures

Apart from the information disclosed in this note, no Director has entered into a material contract with the consolidated entity since the end of the previous financial year and there were no material contracts involving Directors’ interests existing at year end.


No individual KMP or related party holds a loan greater than USD 100,000 with the consolidated entity (2015: nil). No impairment losses have been recognised in relation to any loans made to KMP (2015: nil) and no loans were advanced during the current year (2015: nil). Other than those items discussed above, there have been no other transactions between KMP and the Company.