IAS 12 Para 81(g)(i)(ii), analysis of deferred tax in balance sheet and income statement by category

International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A. – Annual report – 31 December 2019

Industry: airline

9 Tax (extract)
a Tax charges
Tax (charge)/credit in the Income statement, Other comprehensive income and Statement of changes in equity:


The current tax credit in Other comprehensive income relates to employee retirement benefit plans of €154 million (2018: €136 million) and cash flow hedges of €16 million tax charge (2018: €26 million tax credit).

Tax in the Statement of changes in equity relates to share-based payment schemes of €1 million (2018: nil).

Within tax in Other comprehensive income is a tax charge of €184 million (2018: tax credit of €222 million) that may be reclassified to the Income statement and a tax credit of €165 million (2018: tax credit of €133 million) that will not.

b Current tax (liability)/asset


c Deferred tax asset/(liability)


The deferred tax asset mainly arises in Spain. A reversal of €60 million on the deferred tax asset is expected within one year and the remainder beyond one year.