IAS 12 para 82, nature of evidence supporting recognition of deferred tax asset where loss made in the current or prior year

HSBC Holdings plc – Annual report – 31 December 2017

Industry: banking

7 Tax (extract)

In applying judgement in recognising deferred tax assets, management has critically assessed all available information, including future business profit projections and the track record of meeting forecasts.

The net deferred tax asset of $2.7bn (2016: $4.5bn) includes $3.2bn (2016: $4.8bn) of deferred tax assets relating to the US, of which $1bn relates to US tax losses that expire in 16 -19 years. Management expects the US deferred tax asset to be substantially recovered in six to seven years, with the majority recovered in the first five years. The most recent financial forecasts approved by management covers a five-year period and the forecasts have been extrapolated beyond five years by assuming that performance remains constant after the fifth year.

The US reported a loss for the prior period, mainly due to the Household International class action litigation settlement, and a profit for the current period. Excluding the Household International class action settlement the US would have reported a profit for the prior period. Management does not expect the prior period loss to adversely impact future deferred tax asset recovery to a significant extent.