Uncertain tax positions, judgements, disclosures, EU State Aid investigation and other, reconciliation of current tax liabilities

Imperial Brands PLC – Annual report – 30 September 2019

Industry: tobacco

Judgement is involved in determining whether the Group is subject to a tax liability or not in line with tax law. Where liabilities exist estimation is often required to determine the potential future tax payments.

The Group is subject to income tax in numerous jurisdictions and significant judgement is required in determining the provision for tax. There are many transactions and calculations for which the ultimate tax determination is uncertain. The Group recognises provisions for tax based on estimates of the taxes that are likely to become due. Where the final tax outcome is different from the amounts that were initially recorded, such differences will impact the current income tax and deferred tax provisions in the period in which such determination is made. Consideration of the judgements surrounding certain tax positions are applicable to the Group and consideration of the valuation estimates related to tax provisions are given in note 8 to these financial statements.

8. TAX (extract)


The cash tax paid in the year is £1 million higher than the current tax charge (2018: £15 million lower). This arises as a result of timing differences between the accrual of income taxes and the actual payment of cash and the movement in the provision for uncertain tax positions.


As an international business the Group is exposed to uncertain tax positions and changes in legislation in the jurisdictions in which it operates. The Group’s uncertain tax positions principally include cross border transfer pricing, interpretation of new or complex tax legislation and tax arising on the valuation of assets.

Provisions arising from uncertain tax positions taken in the calculation of tax assets and liabilities are included within current tax liabilities. At 30 September 2019 the total value of these provisions, including foreign exchange movements, was £204 million (2018: £202 million). It is possible that amounts paid will be different from the amounts provided.

Management have assessed the Group’s provision for uncertain tax positions and have concluded that apart from the French matter referred to below, the provisions in place are not material individually or in aggregate, and that a reasonably possible change in the next financial year would not have a material impact to the results of the Group.

In November 2015 the Group received a challenge from the French tax authorities that could lead to additional tax liabilities of up to £240 million. The challenge concerns the valuation placed on the shares of Altadis Distribution France (now known as Logista France) following an intra-group transfer of shares in October 2012 and the tax consequences flowing from a potentially higher value that is argued for by the tax authorities. In September 2018 the dispute was heard before the Commission Nationale, an independent adjudication body, whose decision is advisory only. In October 2018 the Commission issued its report which was favourable to the Group’s position. In November 2018 a meeting was held with the French tax authorities to discuss the Commission’s decision. In December 2018 the French tax authorities issued their final assessments seeking the full amount of additional tax assessed (£240 million). In January 2019 the Group appealed against the assessment. The Group awaits the response of the French tax authorities. At this time it is appropriate to maintain the £42 million (2018: £42 million) held in the provision for uncertain tax positions in respect of this matter.

The Group continues to monitor developments in relation to EU State Aid investigations. On 25 April 2019, the EU Commission’s final decision regarding its investigation into the UK’s Controlled Foreign Company regime was published. It concludes that the legislation up until December 2018 does partially represent State Aid. The UK Government has appealed to the European Court seeking annulment of the EU Commission’s decision. The Group, in line with a number of UK corporates, is making a similar application to the European Court. The UK Government is obliged to collect any State Aid granted pending the outcome of the European Court process. The Group has not received any indication from the UK Government as to the quantum of State Aid that it believes the Group has received, if any. The Group considers that the potential amount of additional tax payable remains between nil and £300 million depending on the basis of calculation. This does not include interest which would be chargeable on any recovery sought. Based upon current advice the Group does not consider any provision is required in relation to this investigation or any other EU State Aid investigation. The assessment of uncertain tax positions is subjective and significant management judgement is required. This judgement is based on current interpretation of legislation, management experience and professional advice.

In 2017 new legislation was introduced in Russia, prospectively limiting the amount of production that could take place prior to new excise tax increases without being subject to a higher excise tax rate. On 28 September 2018, the Russian tax authorities issued a preliminary tax audit report for the calendar years 2014-2016 seeking to assess retrospectively additional excise and VAT with associated interest and penalties of approximately £132 million in respect of pre-production prior to new excise duty increases. In the event that the Russian tax authorities were to apply the same ruling to 2017, the Group estimates further excise and VAT with associated interest and penalties of £74 million could be assessed. The Group filed objections to the preliminary report which were discussed with the Russian tax authorities in November 2018. Subsequent to these discussions, additional audit measures were commenced by the tax authorities. A final report was received on 26 August 2019, which assessed £119 million for the audit period, and an implied liability for 2017 estimated at £74 million. We appealed against the final report and are currently in discussion with the tax authorities on our appeal.

The Group has complied with the Russian legislation since it became effective.

Based on the current state of discussions with the Russian tax authorities a provision of £139 million has been made. Tax relief associated with this provision is estimated at £15 million resulting in a net of tax provision of £124 million.