Half year report, IAS 34 para 16A (g)(l), segmental disclosures, including assets and liabilities, IFRS 15 disaggregated information

CLP Holdings Limited – Half year report – 30 June 2020

Industry: utilities

5. Revenue

The Group’s revenue primarily represents sales of electricity and gas, which is recognised over time, and is disaggregated as follows:


  • Under the SoC Agreement, if the gross tariff revenue in a period is less than or exceeds the total of the SoC operating costs, permitted return and taxation charges, such deficiency shall be deducted from, or such excess shall be added to, the Tariff Stabilisation Fund. In any period, the amount of deduction from or addition to the Tariff Stabilisation Fund is recognised as a revenue adjustment to the extent that the return and charges under the SoC are recognised in the profit or loss.
  • Revenue from power purchase agreements (PPAs) relate to 25-year offtake contracts between Jhajjar Power Limited (JPL) and its offtakers. PPAs are accounted for as operating leases with contract prices mainly comprise capacity and energy charges. Certain capacity charge is considered as in-substance fixed payment as it is payable for maintaining availability of the plant for the dispatch of electricity. Energy charge varies according to the amount of fuel consumed.

6. Segment Information

The Group operates, through its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, in five major geographical regions – Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and Australia. The operating segments are based on geographical regions. Substantially all the principal activities of the Group in each region are for the generation and supply of electricity which are managed and operated on an integrated basis.

Information about the Group’s operations by geographical region is as follows:

EBITDAF stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation, and fair value adjustments. For this purpose, fair value adjustments include fair value gains or losses on derivative financial instruments relating to transactions not qualifying as hedges and ineffectiveness of cash flow hedges.

Our investments in Mainland China are mainly through joint ventures and associates, whereby under equity method of accounting, CLP shares its proportionate earnings but not the revenues and expenses.

Items affecting comparability refer to significant unusual events such as acquisition / disposal, impairment of noncurrent assets, property valuation gain / loss, provision for legal disputes and change in law or natural catastrophe. They have no impact in assessing the underlying operating performance of the Group and are separately disclosed to allow a better understanding and comparison of the financial results. Details of the items affecting comparability can be found on page 9.