IAS 40, certain disclosures, revenue, operating expenses, commitments, IAS 17 lease disclosures

Swire Pacific Limited – Annual report – 31 December 2016

Industry: conglomerate

  1. Revenue (extract)

Revenue represents sales by the Company and its subsidiary companies to external customers and comprises:


  1. Expenses by Nature (extract)

Expenses included in cost of sales, distribution costs, administrative expenses and other operating expenses are analysed as follows:


  1. Capital and Other Commitments (extract)


(b) At 31st December 2016, the Group had unprovided contractual obligations for future repairs and maintenance in respect of investment properties of HK$219 million (2015: HK$171 million).

  1. Leases (extract)

(a) Lessor

The Group leases out investment properties and vessels under operating leases. The leases for investment properties typically run for periods of three to six years. The retail turnover-related rental income received during the year amounted to HK$286 million (2015: HK$347 million). The leases for vessels typically run for an initial period of six months to five years with an option to renew them after that date, at which time all terms are renegotiated.

At 31st December, the future aggregate minimum lease receipts under non-cancellable operating leases receivable by the Group were as follows:


Assets held for deployment on operating leases at 31st December were as follows: