IFRS 8 para 22(aa), disclosure for aggregation of operating segments

The Sage Group plc – Annual report – 30 September 2019
Industry: software
2 Segment information (extract)
Accounting policy
In accordance with IFRS 8 “Operating Segments”, information for the Group’s operating segments has been derived using the information used by the chief operating decision maker. The Group’s Executive Committee has been identified as the chief operating decision maker in accordance with its designated responsibility for the allocation of resources to operating segments and assessing their performance, through the Quarterly Business Reviews chaired by the President of Sage and Chief Financial Officer. The Executive Committee uses organic and underlying data to monitor business performance. Operating segments are reported in a manner which is consistent with the operating segments produced for internal management reporting.

The Group is organised into nine key operating segments: North America (excluding Intacct) (US and Canada), North America Intacct, Northern Europe (UK and Ireland), Central Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), France, Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Africa and the Middle East, Asia (including Australia) and Latin America. For reporting under IFRS 8, the Group is divided into three reportable segments. These segments are as follows:

  • North America (North America (excluding Intacct) and North America Intacct)
  • Northern Europe
  • Central and Southern Europe (Central Europe, France and Iberia)

The remaining operating segments of Africa and the Middle East, Asia (including Australia) and Latin America do not meet the quantitative thresholds for presentation as separate reportable segments under IFRS 8, and so are presented together and described as International. They include the Group’s operations in South Africa, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil.

The reportable segments reflect the aggregation of the operating segments for Central Europe, France and Iberia, and also of those for North America (excluding Intacct) and North America Intacct. In each case, the aggregated operating segments are considered to share similar economic characteristics because they have similar long-term gross margins and operate in similar markets. Central Europe, France and Iberia operate principally within the EU and the majority of their businesses are in countries within the Euro area. North America (excluding Intacct) and North America Intacct share the same North American geographical market and therefore share the same economic characteristics.