IFRS 7 para 34, concentration of credit risk, automotive customers

Nippon Sheet Glass Company Limited – Annual report – 31 March 2020

Industry: manufacturing

18. Trade and other receivables (extract)

There is no particular concentration of credit risk relating to Architectural, Automotive AGR, or Technical Glass balances, as these operations have a large number of customers. There is, however, a concentration of credit risk within the Automotive OE balances where the Group is supplying automotive manufacturers worldwide. The Automotive OE business customers constitute the majority of the major global car manufacturers. Due to the nature of the industry with a relatively small number of large customers, there is therefore a higher credit risk concentration. Total amounts owed by Automotive OE customers were ¥10,084 million (2019: ¥16,045 million). This risk is managed through the monitoring of aged receivables, analysis of the cost effectiveness of insuring receivables and through general credit collection procedures.