IFRS 8 paras 22, 23, 28, profit, assets and liabilities, reconciliations

AB Electrolux (publ) – Annual report – 31 December 2018

Industry: manufacturing

Note 3 Segment information

Reportable segments – Business areas

The Group’s operations are divided into six reportable segments based on differences in products: Major Appliances Europe, Middle East and Africa; Major Appliances North America; Major Appliances Latin America; Major Appliances Asia/Pacific; Home Care & SDA and Professional Products.

The Major Appliances business areas are geographically defined, while the Home Care & SDA and Professional Products business areas are global. The segments are regularly reviewed by the President and CEO, the Group’s chief operating decision maker.

Major Appliances and Home Care & SDA are producing appliances for the consumer market. Products within Major Appliances comprise mainly of refrigerators, freezers, cookers, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and microwave ovens. Home Care & SDA include vacuum cleaners and other small appliances. Professional Products produces equipment and appliances for food-service and laundry solutions for professional users.

The segments are responsible for the operating results and the net assets used in their businesses, whereas financial items and taxes, as well as net debt and equity, are not reported per segment. The operating results and net assets of the segments are consolidated using the same principles as for the total Group. The segments consist of separate legal units as well as divisions in multi-segment legal units where some allocations of costs and net assets are made. Operating costs not included in the segments are shown under Common Group costs, which mainly are costs related to group management activities typically required to run the Electrolux Group.

Sales between segments are made on market conditions with arm’s-length principles.


Inter-segment sales exist with the following split:


The segments are responsible for the management of the operational assets and their performance is measured at the same level, while financing is managed by Group Treasury at group or country level. Consequently, liquid funds, interest-bearing receivables, interest-bearing liabilities and equity are not allocated to the business segments.


Geographical information


Tangible and intangible fixed assets located in the Group’s country of domicile, Sweden, amounted to SEK 2,040m (1,888). Tangible and non-tangible fixed assets located in all other countries amounted to SEK 31,206m (28,673). Individually, material countries in this aspect are Italy with SEK 3,885m (3,219), USA with SEK 9,016m (7,474) and Poland with SEK2,462m (2,347), respectively.

No single customer of the Group represents 10% or more of the external revenue.