IAS 12 para 81(f), potential effect of Brexit on unprovided tax in respect of temporary differences associated with subsidiaries

BT Group plc – Annual report – 31 March 2019

Industry: telecoms

11. Taxation (extract)
At 31 March 2019 the undistributed earnings of non-UK subsidiaries were £2.5bn (2017/18: £2.4bn). No deferred tax liabilities have been recognised in respect of these unremitted earnings because the group is in a position to control the timing of any dividends from subsidiaries and hence any tax consequences that may arise. Under current tax rules, tax of £18.2m (2017/18: £23.0m) would arise if these earnings were to be repatriated to the UK. On 29 March 2017, the UK Government notified the EU of its intention to withdraw membership from the EU. Depending on the outcome of negotiations we could cease to benefit from the EU Parent Subsidiary directive on dividends paid by our EU subsidiaries. In this event, additional tax of up to £27.5m could arise if the undistributed earnings of EU subsidiaries of £970m were to be repatriated to the UK.