Supplier income, policy, amounts received in year, receivables

Co-operative Group Limited – Annual report – 1 January 2022

Industry: retail, financial

4 Supplier income

What does this show? Sometimes our suppliers give us money back based on the amount of their products we buy and sell. This note shows the different types of income we’ve earned from our suppliers based on the contracts we have in place with them. This income is taken off operating expenses in the income statement.

All figures exclude any income or purchases made as part of the Federal joint buying group.

Accounting policies

Supplier income

Supplier income is recognised as a deduction from cost of sales on an accruals basis, based on the expected entitlement that has been earned up to the balance sheet date for each relevant supplier contract. The accrued incentives, rebates and discounts receivable at year end are included within trade and other receivables (Note 17). Where amounts received are in the expectation of future business, these are recognised in the income statement in line with that future business. There are three main types of income:

  1. Long-term agreements: These relate largely to volumetric rebates based on agreements with suppliers. They include overriders, advertising allowances and targeted income. The income accrued is based on the joint buying group’s latest forecast volumes and the latest contract agreed with the supplier. Income is not recognised until confirmation of the agreement has been received from the supplier.
  2. Bonus income: These are typically unique payments made by the supplier and are not based on volume. They include payments for marketing support, range promotion and product development. These amounts are recognised when the income is earned and confirmed by suppliers. An element of the income is deferred if it relates to a future period.
  3. Promotional income: Volumetric rebates relating to promotional activity agreed with the supplier. These are retrospective rebates based on sales volumes or purchased volumes.

17 Trade and other receivables (extract)

Within trade receivables is £52m (2020: £48m) of supplier income that is due from Food and Wholesale suppliers. Accrued income includes £116m (2020: £120m) in relation to supplier income that has been recognised but not yet billed. As at 7th April 2022, £45m (2020: £46m) of the trade receivables balance had been invoiced and settled and £112m (2020: £111m) of the accrued income balance has been invoiced and settled.