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Dunelm Group plc – Annual report – 29 June 2019

Industry: retail

Principal Risks and Uncertainties (extract 1)
Changes to the principal risks in the year
In June 2019, the Audit and Risk Committee and the Board carried out an in depth review of the principal risks, and made the following changes:
• In view of the increasingly multichannel nature of the Group’s business, and the fact that the mitigating factors are broadly the same, the risk of ‘Failure to deliver maximum value from our online business’ has been combined with the ‘Competition, market and customers’ risk;
• The ‘Portfolio expansion’ risk has been moved to the Operational Risk register, reflecting the fact that opening new stores is no longer the principal source of the Group’s future growth;
• ‘Climate change’ has been added as a new and emerging risk, reflecting the increased urgency and focus on this by government, international bodies, investors, customers, colleagues and the media;
• The ‘Brand damage’ risk has been expanded to include a greater focus on sustainable sourcing for the same reasons; and
• The ‘Brand damage’ risk also now includes a greater focus on management of allergens in our Pausa cafes, following heightened government and public concern.

Principal Risks and Uncertainties (extract 2)


Sustainability (extracts)