IAS 24 para 13, parent and controlling parties, and UK SI 2008/410 Sch 4 para 8 disclosures

New Look Retail Group Limited – Annual report – 24 March 2018

Industry: retail

  1. Ultimate controlling party

The ultimate controlling party is Brait which holds approximately 80% of the issued share capital of Top Gun Bidco Limited, which is a holding company registered in Jersey. Top Gun Midco Limited holds 100% of the issued share capital of New Look Retail Group Limited. The smallest group of undertakings to include these financial statements in their consolidation is New Look Retail Group Limited and the largest is Top Gun Bidco Limited.

Copies of the financial statements can be obtained from New Look House, Mercery Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 5HJ. The financial statements of Top Gun Bidco Limited are not publicly available.