IAS 2 para 36 certain inventory disclosures

HOYA Corporation – Annual report – 31 March 2019

Industry: manufacturing

3. Significant accounting policies (extract)
(12) Inventories
Inventories are measured at the lower of cost and net realisable value. Net realisable value represents the estimated selling price for the inventories in the ordinary course of business, less all estimated costs of completion and costs necessary to make the sale. Costs, including purchase costs, process costs, storage costs and all other costs incurred in bringing the inventories to their present location and condition, are assigned to inventories mainly by the weighted-average method. The production costs include an appropriate portion of fixed and variable overhead expenses.

13. Inventories
Details of inventories are as follows:


The cost of inventories recognised as an expense during the years ended 31 March 2018 and 2019, was 244,443 million yen and 250,891 million yen (2,260,483 thousand U.S. dollars), respectively.

The cost of inventories recognised as an expense in respect of write-down and the reversal of such write-down is as follows:


The reversal of write-down was due to an increase in net realisable value, as a result of an increase in new orders with positive sales activities.