IFRS 7 paras 13A – 13F, disclosures in respect of offsetting of financial instruments

Danske Bank A/S – Annual report – 31 December 2019

Industry: banking

G32. Offsetting of financial assets and liabilities

Offsetting of financial assets and liabilities in the financial statements requires some criteria to be fulfilled. In the event that the counterparty or the Group defaults, further offsetting will take place. This note shows the offsetting in the financial statements, further netting according to enforceable master netting agreements and similar agreements (i.e. in the event of default) and collateral provided or received under such agreements.

Accounting policy

Assets and liabilities are offset when the Group and the counterparty have a legally enforceable right to offset recognised amounts and have agreed to settle the balances on a net basis or to realise the asset and settle the liability simultaneously. Positive and negative fair values of derivatives with the same counterparty are offset if the Group has agreed with the counterparty to settle contractual cash flows net and to make cash payments or provide collateral on a daily basis to cover changes in the fair value of the derivative position. Master netting agreements or similar agreements give the right to additional offsetting in the event of default. Such agreements reduce the exposure further in the event of default, but do not qualify for offsetting in accordance with IFRS.

The comparative information on offsetting under master netting agreements and collateral related to derivative contracts has been adjusted in the presentation for 2018.